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Either way, the main goal of the card counter is to bet more when the count is high. This coincides with the counter's secondary goal of betting less when the count is low. By ranging their bets in this way, users of the Wong Halves Count put more money into action when they have an edge over the casino.
This is the first chapter from "Professional Blackjack" by Stanford Wong - the book that contains numerous win rates, benchmark rules, average ...
Jump to Current Blackjack News - In 1979, Wong began publishing monthly newsletters on the. rules and conditions of blackjack games in casinos in the ...

How to Count Cards (and Bring Down the House)

Professional Blackjack [Stanford Wong] on *FREE* shipping. Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart: 4/6/8 Decks, Dealer Hits Soft 17. Kenneth R Smith.
Stanford Wong is also famous for his "Blackjack Analyzer" computer program which was created to analyze the odds in a blackjack game. Today Stanford Wong ...
This is the first chapter from "Professional Blackjack" by Stanford Wong - the book that contains numerous win rates, benchmark rules, average ...
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Access to this page has been denied. Wong blackjack strategy


After making substantial gains from the game of Blackjack, Stanford. Wong emphasized that the crucial part of this strategy is your ability to act ...
It contains complete strategy tables for the high-low and halves counting systems.. Wong's book on blackjack card counting was so exclusive that many ...
A guide to the Blackjack card counting system called Wong Halves.. to do, counting cards provides a simpler way of utilizing a strategy when playing blackjack.

starburst-pokieStanford Wong, the Mark Twain of Professional Blackjack Wong blackjack strategy

Back-Counting at Blackjack | Gaming the Odds Wong blackjack strategy

Either way, the main goal of the card counter is to bet more when the count is high. This coincides with the counter's secondary goal of betting less when the count is low. By ranging their bets in this way, users of the Wong Halves Count put more money into action when they have an edge over the casino.
Even though Wong Halves blackjack card counting system has proven to be one. are considered to be strategies which are more complicated and advanced.
This is the first chapter from "Professional Blackjack" by Stanford Wong - the book that contains numerous win rates, benchmark rules, average ...

Wong blackjack strategycasinobonus

wong blackjack strategy Updated on January 3, 2020.
There are basically two approaches to card counting: one is to increase your bet sizes when the deck gets good, and the other one is to join the game when deck gets good, also known as "back-counting," "table-hopping" or "Wonging.
So instead of counting your way through the whole deck or shoe and bet more when you have an advantage.
When you're not back-counting, you have to make smaller bets no matter what the profitability is like.
When back-counting, you only make good bets.
The problem with spreading your bets when counting cards "the regular way" is that dealers and pit bosses pay attention to those things, especially if changing bet sizes seems wong blackjack strategy />When back-counting, the shoe is already good and you can start making bigger bets rightaway.
You don't need to spread your bets to get an advantage; you already have the advantage.
That is not to say you don't have to use traditional card counting methods when back-counting; the shoe will get worse eventually and you have to wong blackjack strategy your bet sizes, or you may use a strategy like Mr.
Schlesinger: "Getting back to the bet scheme: one unit from +1 to +2; two units from +2 to +3; four units from +3 to +4; six units from +4 to +5; and two hands ofsix units from +5 to anything higher.
Being +1 in running count is barely an edge at all, and the following hand could easily make the shoe unprofitable again.
Therefore it's essential to play with a margin of safety that guarantees you'll be able to play at least a while before the shoe turns bad.
You don't get involved to find wong blackjack strategy when the shoe is profitable; you get involved when the shoe is definitely profitable.
The amount of decks is something to consider as well -- generally, Wonging works best in games of four, six or eight decks, since the count is less stable wong blackjack strategy games of one or two decks.
You want to make the vast majority - all if possible - bets when you have the advantage, and the less decks there are, the more you have to keep getting up leaving the game, which, of course, easily makes the casino staff suspicious.
Back-Counting Tactics But you can read about card counting theory throughout this site and those principles are simple anyway.
In order to back-count successfully, however, you need to develop good tactics to not get caught.
The most difficult part, quite obviously, is keeping track of a count without sitting at the table actually, you should be able to keep track of multiple counts simultaneously.
In other words, how can you not make it look suspicious that you're lurking close to blackjack tables without actually playing?
That's the biggest challenge.
But, of course, top blackjack card counters have figured out ways to pull it off, like you'll have to do too.
Here are a couple of excerpts from well-known blackjack books: When to Join the Game One of the big questions regarding table-hopping is "when to join the game?
The point being: I have no absolute need to play.
I only do it on my terms, in which case the shoe is clearly in my favour.
My approach to Wonging is simple: I play when the shoe is great, I bet the same amount all the time to not draw attention and I leave rightaway once the shoe gets worse than what I want it to be.
I almost always act like I'm busy so that I'll have a good excuse to leave when I need to, and an important part of the act is to share the fact that I'm busy when I enter the game.
Having an act in place at the moment you join the game is incredibly important, but again, I would still put more importance on the profitability of wong blackjack strategy shoe.
Worry about that first and it's much easier to give the impression that you're not counting cards.
Zero is still a minimum bet.
Why do I want to play when they have the edge?
Doubling your bet after winning is not suspicious; doubling your bet after losing usually is.
Joining the Game Knowing when to join the game is the easy part; being able to first track the cards and then join the game are harder to do without being recognized as a card counter.
Here's what our two authors say about Wonging without getting caught for doing so: "When looking for a profitable single deck, keep walking as you are looking at the cards at various tables.
Never take root and stare.
You may stop and watch, if a round is in progress, because you must wait until the round is finished before you make a bet.
When the dealer is ready to deal the next round you have only two valid options - bet or walk away.
Do not watch a second round at that same table, because your watching may be watched.
You do not want anyone to question the chastity of your blackjack playing.
Look, there's a dealer shuffling at the comer table, the one across the aisle from the craps table.
I position myself in between the two.
I'll be looking at the craps action almost as frequently as at the blackjack table.
Talk to people, perhaps even bring someone you know with you to the casino who you can have a conversation with while keeping your eyes on the counts.
There are many ways; find something that works for you and stick to it at least for the most of it.
Leaving the Game Earlier in this article I explained the tactic I often use: act like you're in a hurry so you'd have a good reason to leave the game when you don't have an advantage anymore.
Interestingly, Schlesinger uses exactly the same strategy as I do, while Wong shares his opinion on the subject as wong blackjack strategy "If casino personnel watch you closely in an effort to discover whyyou hop from table to table, you could give them a reason for what you do.
For example, you could leave a table only when the count is negative and you have just lost a hand, and never leave a table after a win.
Your expected winrate will be reduced slightly if you play occasionally when the cards are unfavorable, but the off setting benefitis that the pit bosses will attribute your table-hopping to your losing a hand.
I want everyone to think I'm on the verge of leaving at any moment.
In fact, I am; but if they think it's because I'm late for an appointment or because later in the day the bus is leaving, my departure from the table is expected and appears more natural.
A little common sense goes a long way.
I have no hard and fast rule for how long to play in one casino.
But I am sure of one thing.
Most amateur card counters - win or lose - overstay their welcome.
If I win a lot - say 30 units or so - I'll be out wong blackjack strategy door.
I blackjacks reviews it poor taste to shove it down the casinos' throats.
That is the reason why knowing how to leave the game is as important as knowing when to do it.
Additionally, read Ian Andersen's Turning the Tables on Las Vegas for more tips on counting cards without being barred by the casino.
Speed is everything when it comes to Wonging.
You need to be this web page to keep a track of counts at tables yes, plural with multiple players.
Schlesinger says that he's able to count a full deck of cards in 14 seconds - that's impressive, but also something you should go for.
Often the hardest and most underrated part of table-hopping is acting.
It's a skill that you need to respect from the start and work on continuously -- perhaps you could even take some acting classes.
You need to be able to see what happens at various tables so you can only see the cards that are dealt from some distance.
Finally, I recommend that you read Stanford Wong's Blackjack Secrets and Don Schlesinger's Blackjack Attack, Both of them were quoted in this article and both have sections dedicated to blackjack back-counting.
Check your local laws before gambling online. wong blackjack strategy wong blackjack strategy wong blackjack strategy wong blackjack strategy wong blackjack strategy wong blackjack strategy

Does blackjack card counting really work? Part 1

Wong Halves Card Counting System for Blackjack Wong blackjack strategy

Wong Halves Card Counting System for Blackjack Wong blackjack strategy

Named after Stanford Wong, the Wonging style of play (back counting) requires. There is another method, enabling you to do so – an exit strategy, where you.
Thorp's work inspired later blackjack giants such as Wong, Ken Uston and the MIT card-counting teams of the 1990s and others engaged in the ...
John Ferguson (or Stanford Wong, as the gambling community has come to know him), is one of the most famous professional blackjack players and strategy ...


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