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Here are all GameShark for Pokemon crystal and Pokemon silver/go. Catching... An infected Pokemon will show PokeRus under it's status).
PokΓ©mon Crystal GameShark codes. This is a list of codes in PokΓ©mon Crystal, based on Matthew Robinson's code. PokeRUS Virus 01??
All gameshark cheat codes for pokemon gold, silver and crystal that I've. (You can tell your Pokemon is infected by PokeRus by viewing theΒ ...

pokemon Gold Silver Crystal GameShark Codes

Mark your Pokemon in the PC to get Pokerus.. "To activate go into a wild pokemon battle and run, when it says "got away safely" hold L+A".
Some Pokemon Crystal Gameshark Codes. Genaration 1 Starters: 910104D2 - Bulbasaur 910404D2.
It also has the "Pokemon can learn all TMs" cheat tacked onto the... Hold A while running from a battle to infect your Pokemon with Pokerus.
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Access Denied Pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark


... Treasure Creative Bioscience Crystal Clear Solutions DDROPS Doctor's Best Doctors. Atk, Sp. This page will teach you all how to quickly EV Train your Pokemon to... 2019 Β· Pokemon Gold Cheats – Gameshark Codes for Game Boy Color Last. PokΓ©rus was introduced in this generation - a status ailment that doubles.
i want cheat codes for pokemon crystal and sapphire or maybe also red. but remember i dont want cheats website because my mom wont let me to open it.soΒ ...
Pokemon Crystal Gameshark Code Archive by Matthew Robinson This is my. Happiness Modifier 01??2ADD PokeRUS Virus 01??2BDD Location CaughtΒ ...

starburst-pokie404 Not Found Pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark

404 Not Found Pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark

7-8-2009 Β· Pokemon Crystal Cheats Codes Gameshark From This.. Crystal Game Shark Codes for to have your first pokemon in your party have pokerus put.
The best PokΓ©mon Silver / Gold GameShark codes. Fly to any city. PokΓ©rus slot 4 0101D6DA.. Make sure you turn off the GameShark when you want to walk
Posts about Pokemon crystal casino coins gameshark written by. PokΓ©Rus Gameshark Code To make your first Pokemon have Pokerus:.None of the Catch.

Pokemon crystal pokerus gamesharkcasinobonus

pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark The games were developed by and published by.
The game was released over a span of three years from 1999 to 2001 in different countries.
We have compiled a list of cheats for Pokemon Gold which pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark help you in your progress in the game.
EDD0 :fight any wild Pokemon Replace??
Mime 7B: Scyther 7C: Jynx 7D: Electabuzz 7E: Magmar 7F: Pinsir 80: Tauros 81: Magikarp 82: Gyarados 83: Lapras 84: Ditto 85: Eevee 86: Vaporeon 87: Jolteon 88: Flareon 89: Pory 010719D1 :shiny 01??
Mime B9 β€” Sudowoodo F8 β€” Tyranitar 3C β€” Poliwag 7B β€” Scyther BA β€” Politoed F9 β€” Lugia 3D β€” Poliwhirl 7C β€” Jynx BB β€” Hoppip FA β€” Ho-oh 3E β€” Poliwrath 7D β€” Electabuzz BC β€” Skiploom FB β€” Celebi 3F β€” Abra 7E β€” Magmar BD β€” Jumpluff By name 3F β€” Abra A2 β€” Furret 69 β€” Marowak 75 β€” Seadra 8E β€” Aerodactyl 5C β€” Gastly 9A β€” Meganium 77 β€” Seaking BE β€” Aipom 5E β€” Gengar 34 β€” Meowth 56 β€” Seel 41 β€” Alakazam 4A β€” Geodude 0B β€” Metapod A1 β€” Sentret B5 β€” Ampharos CB β€” Girafarig 97 β€” Mew 5A β€” Shellder 18 β€” Arbok CF β€” Gligar 96 β€” Mewtwo D5 β€” Shuckle 3B β€” Arcanine 2C β€” Gloom F1 β€” Miltank E3 β€” Skarmory A8 β€” Ariados 2A β€” Golbat C8 β€” Misdreavus BC β€” Skiploom 90 β€” Articunno 76 β€” Goldeen go here β€” Moltres 50 β€” Slowbro B8 β€” Azumarill 37 β€” Golduck 7A β€” Mr.
EDD0 Any Level: 01??
FCD0 Move skill digits: By number: 00 β€” nothing 3F β€” Hyper Beam 7E β€” Fire Blast BD β€” Mud β€” Slap 01 β€” Pound 40 β€” Peck 7F β€” Waterfall BE click the following article Octazooka 02 β€” Karate Chop 41 β€” Drill Peck 80 β€” Clamp BF β€” Spikes 03 β€” Double Slap 42 β€” Submission 81 β€” Swift C0 β€” Zap Cannon 04 β€” Comet Punch 43 β€” Low Kick 82 β€” Skull Bash C1 β€” Foresight 05 β€” Mega Punch 44 β€” Counter 83 β€” Spike Cannon C2 β€” Destiny Bond 06 β€” Pay Day 45 β€” Seismic Toss 84 β€” Constrict C3 β€” Perish Song 07 β€” Fire Punch 46 β€” Strength 85 β€” Amnesia C4 β€” Icy Wind 08 β€” Ice Punch 47 β€” Absorb 86 β€” Kinesis C5 β€” Detect 09 β€” Thunder Punch 48 β€” Mega Drain 87 β€” Softboiled C6 β€” Bone Rush 0A β€” Scratch 49 β€” Leech Seed 88 β€” Hi Jump Kick C7 β€” Lock β€” On 0B β€” Vice Grip 4A β€” Growth 89 β€” Glare C8 β€” Outrage 0C β€” Guillotine 4B β€” Razor Leaf 8A β€” Dream Eater C9 β€” Sandstorm 0D β€” Razor Wind 4C β€” Solar Beam 8B β€” Poison Gas CA β€” Giga Drain 0E β€” Swords Dance 4D β€” Poisonpowder 8C β€” Pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark CB β€” Endure 0F β€” Cut 4E β€” Stun Spore 8D β€” Leech Life CC β€” Charm 10 β€” Gust 4F β€” Sleep Powder 8E β€” Lovely Kiss CD β€” Rollout 11 β€” Wing Attack 50 β€” Petal Dance 8F β€” Sky Attack CE β€” False Swipe 12 β€” Whirl Wind 51 β€” String Shot 90 β€” Transform CF β€” Swagger 13 β€” Fly 52 β€” Dragon Rage 91 β€” Bubble D0 β€” Milk Drink 14 β€” Bird 53 β€” Fire Spin 92 β€” Dizzy Punch D1 β€” Spark 15 β€” Slam 54 click here Thundershock 93 β€” Spore D2 β€” Fury Cutter 16 β€” Vine Whip 55 β€” Thunderbolt 94 β€” Flash D3 β€” Steel Wing 17 β€” Stomp 56 β€” Thunder Wave 95 β€” Psywave D4 β€” Mean Look 18 β€” Double Kick 57 β€” Thunder 96 β€” Splash D5 β€” Attract 19 β€” Mega Kick 58 β€” Rock Throw 97 β€” Acid Armor D6 β€” Sleep Talk 1A β€” Jump Kick 59 β€” Earthquake 98 β€” Crabhammer D7 β€” Heal Bell 1B β€” Rolling Kick 5A β€” Fissure 99 β€” Exposion D8 β€” Return 1C β€” Sand Attack 5B β€” Dig 9A β€” Fury Swipes D9 β€” Present 1D β€” Head Butt 5C β€” Toxic 9B β€” Bonemerang DA β€” Frustration 1E β€” Horn Attack 5D β€” Confusion 9C β€” Rest DB β€” Safeguard 1F β€” Fury Attack 5E β€” Psychic 9D β€” Rock Slide DC β€” Pain Split 20 β€” Horn Drill 5F β€” Hypnosis 9E β€” Hyper Fang DD β€” Sacred Fire 21 β€” Tackle 60 β€” Meditate 9F β€” Sharpen DE β€” Magnitude 22 β€” Body Slam 61 β€” Agility A0 β€” Conversion DF β€” Dynamicpunch 23 β€” Wrap 62 β€” Quick Attack A1 β€” Tri Attack E0 β€” Megahorn 24 β€” Take Down 63 β€” Rage A2 β€” Super Fang E1 β€” Dragonbreath 25 β€” Thrash 64 β€” Teleport A3 β€” Slash E2 β€” Baton Pass 26 β€” Double Edge 65 β€” Night Shade A4 β€” Substitute E3 β€” Encore 27 β€” Tail Whip 66 β€” Mimic A5 β€” Struggle E4 β€” Pursuit 28 β€” Poison Sting 67 β€” Screech A6 β€” Sketch E5 β€” Rapid Spin 29 β€” Twin Edle 68 β€” Double Team A7 β€” Triple Kick E6 β€” Sweet Scent 2A β€” Pin Missile 69 β€” Recover A8 β€” Thief E7 β€” Iron Tail 2B β€” Leer 6A β€” Harden A9 β€” Spider Web E8 β€” Metal Claw 2C β€” Bite 6B β€” Minimize AA β€” Mind Reader E9 β€” Vital Throw 2D β€” Growl 6C β€” Smoke Screen AB β€” Nightmare EA β€” Morning Sun 2E β€” Roar 6D β€” Confuse Ray AC β€” Flame Wheel EB β€” Synthesis 2F β€” Sing 6E β€” Withdraw AD β€” Snore EC β€” Moonlight 30 β€” Supersonic 6F β€” Defense Curl AE β€” Curse ED β€” Hidden Power 31 β€” Sonicboom 70 β€” Barrier AF β€” Flail EE β€” Cross Chop 32 β€” Disable 71 β€” Light Screen B0 β€” Conversion2 EF β€” Twister 33 β€” Acid 72 β€” Haze B1 β€” Aeroblast F0 β€” Rain Dance 34 β€” Ember 73 β€” Reflect B2 β€” Cotton Spore F1 β€” Sunny Day 35 β€” Flamethrower 74 β€” Focus Energy B3 β€” Reversal F2 β€” Crunch 36 β€” Mist 75 β€” Hide B4 β€” Spite F3 β€” Mirror Coat 37 β€” Water Gun 76 β€” Metronome B5 β€” Visit web page Snow F4 β€” Psych Up 38 β€” Hydro Pump 77 β€” Mirror Move B6 β€” Protect F5 β€” Extremespeed 39 β€” Surf 78 β€” Selfdestruct B7 β€” Mach Punch F6 β€” Ancientpower 3A β€” Ice Beam 79 β€” Egg Bomb B8 β€” Scary Face F7 β€” Shadow Ball 3B β€” Blizzard 7A β€” Lick B9 β€” Faint Attack F8 β€” Future Sight 3C β€” Psybeam 7B β€” Smog BA β€” Sweet Kiss F9 β€” Rock Smash 3D β€” Bubblebeam 7C β€” Sludge BB β€” Belly Drum FA β€” Whirlpool 3E β€” Aurora Beam 7D β€” Bone Club BC β€” Sludge Bomb FB β€” Beat Up By name: 47 β€” Absorb 07 β€” Fire Punch Bovada payout β€” Mirror Coat 4F β€” Sleep Powder 33 β€” Acid 53 β€” Fire Spin 77 β€” Mirror Move D6 β€” Sleep Talk 97 β€” Acid Armor 5A β€” Fissure 36 β€” Mist 7C β€” Sludge B1 β€” Aeroblast AF β€” Flail EC β€” Moonlight BC β€” Sludge Bomb 61 β€” Agility AC β€” Flame Wheel EA β€” Morning Sun 7B β€” Smog 85 β€” Amnesia 35 β€” Flamethrower BD β€” Mud β€” Slap 6C β€” Smoke Screen F6 β€” Ancientpower 94 see more Flash 65 β€” Night Shade AD β€” Snore D5 β€” Attract 13 β€” Fly AB β€” Nightmare 87 β€” Softboiled 3E β€” Aurora Beam 74 β€” Focus Energy 00 β€” nothing 4C β€” Solar Beam 8C β€” Barrage C1 β€” Foresight BE β€” Octazooka 31 β€” Sonicboom 70 β€” Barrier DA β€” Frustration C8 β€” Outrage D1 β€” Spark E2 β€” Baton Pass 1F β€” Fury Attack DC β€” Pain Split A9 β€” Spider Web FB β€” Beat Up D2 β€” Fury Cutter 06 β€” Pay Day 83 β€” Spike Cannon BB β€” Belly Drum 9A β€” Fury Swipes 40 β€” Peck BF β€” Spikes 14 β€” Bird F8 β€” Future Sight C3 β€” Perish Song B4 β€” Spite 2C β€” Bite CA β€” Giga Drain 50 β€” Petal Dance 96 β€” Splash 3B β€” Blizzard 89 β€” Glare 2A β€” Pin Missile 93 β€” Spore 22 β€” Body Slam 2D β€” Growl 8B β€” Poison Gas D3 β€” Steel Wing 7D β€” Bone Club 4A β€” Growth 28 β€” Poison Sting 17 β€” Stomp Click β€” Bone Rush 0C β€” Guillotine 4D β€” Poisonpowder 46 β€” Strength 9B β€” Bonemerang 10 β€” Gust 01 β€” Pound 51 β€” String Shot 91 β€” Bubble 6A β€” Harden B5 β€” Powder Snow A5 β€” Struggle 3D β€” Bubblebeam 72 β€” Haze D9 β€” Present 4E β€” Stun Spore CC β€” Charm 1D β€” Head Butt B6 β€” Protect 42 β€” Submission 80 β€” Clamp D7 β€” Heal Bell 3C β€” Psybeam A4 β€” Substitute 04 β€” Comet Punch 88 β€” Hi Jump Kick F4 β€” Psych Up F1 β€” Sunny Day 6D β€” Confuse Ray ED β€” Hidden Power 5E β€” Psychic A2 β€” Super Fang 5D β€” Confusion 75 β€” Hide 95 β€” Psywave 30 β€” Supersonic 84 β€” Constrict 1E β€” Horn Attack E4 β€” Pursuit 39 β€” Surf A0 β€” Conversion 20 β€” Horn Drill 62 β€” Quick Attack CF β€” Swagger B0 β€” Conversi E7 β€” Iron Tail 9C β€” Rest 24 β€” Take Down 6F β€” Defense Curl 1A β€” Jump Kick D8 β€” Return 64 β€” Teleport C2 β€” Destiny Bond 02 β€” Karate Chop B3 β€” Reversal A8 β€” Thief C5 β€” Detect 86 β€” Kinesis 2E β€” Roar 25 β€” Thrash 5B β€” Dig 8D β€” Leech Life 9D β€” Rock Slide 57 β€” Thunder 32 β€” Disable 49 β€” Leech Seed F9 β€” Rock Smash 09 β€” Thunder Punch 92 β€” Dizzy Punch 2B β€” Leer 58 β€” Rock Throw 56 β€” Thunder Wave 26 β€” Double Edge 7A β€” Lick 1B β€” Rolling Kick 55 β€” Thunderbolt 18 β€” Double Kick 71 β€” Light Screen CD β€” Rollout 54 β€” Thundershock 03 β€” Double Slap C7 β€” Lock β€” On DD β€” Sacred Fire 5C β€” Toxic 68 β€” Double Team 8E β€” Lovely Kiss DB β€” Safeguard 90 β€” Pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark 52 β€” Dragon Rage 43 β€” Low Kick 1C β€” Sand Attack A1 β€” Tri Attack E1 β€” Dragonbreath B7 β€” Mach Punch C9 β€” Sandstorm A7 β€” Triple Kick 8A β€” Dream Eater DE β€” Magnitude B8 β€” Scary Face 29 β€” Twin Edle 41 β€” Drill Peck D4 β€” Mean Look 0A β€” Scratch EF β€” Twister DF β€” Dynamicpunch 60 β€” Meditate 67 β€” Screech 0B β€” Vice Grip 59 β€” Earthquake 48 β€” Mega Drain 45 β€” Seismic Toss 16 β€” Vine Whip 79 β€” Egg Bomb 19 β€” Mega Kick 78 β€” Selfdestruct E9 β€” Vital Throw 34 β€” Ember 05 β€” Mega Punch F7 β€” Shadow Ball 37 β€” Water Gun E3 β€” Encore E0 β€” Megahorn 9F β€” Sharpen 7F β€” Waterfall CB β€” Endure E8 β€” Metal Claw 2F β€” Sing 12 β€” Whirl Wind 99 β€” Exposion 76 β€” Metronome A6 β€” Sketch FA β€” Whirlpool F5 β€” Extremespeed D0 β€” Milk Drink 82 β€” Skull Bash 11 β€” Wing Attack B9 β€” Faint Attack 66 β€” Mimic 8F β€” Sky Attack 6E β€” Withdraw CE β€” False Swipe AA β€” Mind Reader 15 β€” Slam 23 β€” Wrap 7E β€” Fire Blast 6B β€” Minimize A3 β€” Slash C0 β€” Zap Cannon Move skill modifier codes: 1st pokemon 2nd pokemon 3rd pokemon 4th pokemon 5th pokemon 6th pokemon 1st move : 01??
Value affect the maximum PP effective number of PP UPs.
The two bits can take on the value of 0, 1, 2, or 3.
The lower six bits affect the current number of actual PP.
Shiny : 01EA3FDA 01EA6FDA 01EA9FDA 01EACFDA 01EAFFDA 01EA2FDB 01EA40DA 01EA70DA 01EAA0DA 01EAD0DA 01EA00DB 01EA30DB Item held : 01??
This means take it to the PC, deposit it, then withdraw it.
Share 8F β€” Metal Coat E5 β€” TM37 Sand Storm 3A β€” Old Rod 90 β€” Dragon Fang E6 β€” TM38 Fire Blast 3B β€” Good Rod 92 β€” LeftOvers E7 β€” TM39 Swift 3C β€” Silver Leaf 96 β€” Mystery Berry E8 β€” TM40 Defense Curl 3D β€” Super Rod 97 β€” Dragon scale E9 β€” TM41 Thunder Punch 3E β€” PP UP 98 β€” Berserk Gene EA β€” TM42 Dream Eater 3F β€” Ether 9C β€” Sacred Ash EB β€” TM43 Detect 40 β€” Max Ether 9D β€” Heavy Ball EC β€” TM44 Rest 41 β€” Elixer 9E β€” Flower Mail ED β€” TM45 Attract 42 β€” Red Scale 9F β€” Level Ball EE β€” TM46 Thief 43 β€” Secret Potion A0 β€” Lure Ball EF β€” TM47 Steel Wing 44 β€” S.
Aqua Ticket A1 β€” Fast Ball F0 β€” TM48 Fire Punch 45 β€” Mystery Egg A3 β€” Light Ball F1 β€” TM49 Fury Cutter 47 β€” Silver Wing A4 β€” Friend Ball F2 β€” TM50 Nightmare 48 β€” MooMoo Milk A5 β€” Moon Ball F3 β€” HM01 Cut 49 β€” Quick Claw A6 β€” Love Ball F4 β€” HM02 Fly 4A β€” Poison Cure Berry A7 β€” Normal Box F5 β€” HM03 Surf 4B β€” Gold Leaf A8 β€” Gorgeous Box F6 β€” HM04 Strength 4C β€” Soft Sand A9 β€” Sun Stone F7 β€” HM05 Flash 4D β€” Sharp Beak AA β€” Polkadot Bow F8 β€” HM06 Whirlpool 4E β€” Paralyze Cure Berry AC β€” Up Grade F9 β€” HM07 Waterfall 4F β€” Burnt Berry AD β€” Berry FF β€” Nothing 50 β€” Ice Berry AE β€” Gold Berry By name: 5B β€” Amulet Coin B6 β€” Lite Blue Mail 84 β€” Star Piece 09 β€” Antidote 82 β€” Lost Item 69 β€” Stick 0C β€” Awakening A6 β€” Love Ball A9 β€” Sun Stone 85 β€” Basement key B8 β€” Lovely Mail 11 β€” Super Potion AD β€” Berry 7E β€” Lucky Egg 2A β€” Super Repel 8B β€” Berry Juice see more β€” Lucky Punch 3D β€” Super Rod 98 β€” Berserk Gene A0 β€” Lure Ball B5 β€” Surf Mail 07 β€” Bicycle 80 β€” Machine Part BF β€” TM01 Dynamic Punch 57 β€” Big Mushroom 6C β€” Magnet C0 β€” TM02 Headbutt 6F β€” Big Pearl 01 β€” Master Ball C1 β€” TM03 Curse 53 β€” Bitter Berry 15 β€” Max Ether C2 β€” TM04 Rollout 63 β€” Black Apricorn 40 β€” Max Ether C3 β€” TM04 Rollout again 62 β€” Black Belt 0F β€” Max Potion C4 β€” TM05 Roar 66 β€” Black Glasses 2B β€” Max Repel C5 β€” TM06 Toxic 59 β€” Blue Apricorn 28 β€” Max Revive C6 β€” TM07 Zap Cannon BB β€” Pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark Sky Mail 8F β€” Metal Coat C7 β€” TM08 Rock Smash B4 β€” Brick Piece 23 β€” Metal Powder C8 β€” TM09 Psych Up 03 β€” Bright Go here 54 β€” Mint Berry C9 β€” TM10 Hidden Power 0A β€” Burn heal 6D β€” Miracle Berry CA β€” TM11 Sunny Day 4F β€” Burnt Berry 75 β€” Miracle seed CB β€” TM12 Sweet Scent 1F β€” Calcium BD β€” Mirage Mail CC β€” TM13 Snore 1D β€” Carbos 48 β€” MooMoo Milk CD β€” TM14 Blizzard 7F β€” Card Key A5 β€” Moon Ball CE β€” TM15 Hyper Beam 8A β€” Charcoal 08 β€” Moon Stone CF β€” TM16 Icy Wind 5E β€” Cleanse Tag BA β€” Morph Mail D0 β€” TM17 Protect 36 β€” Coin Case BC β€” Music Mail D1 β€” TM18 Rain Dance 2C β€” Dire Hit 96 β€” Mystery Berry D2 β€” TM19 Giga Drain 90 β€” Dragon Fang 45 β€” Mystery Egg D3 β€” TM20 Endure 97 β€” Dragon scale 5F β€” Mystic Water D4 β€” TM21 Frustration 41 β€” Elixer 6B β€” Never β€” Melt Ice D5 β€” TM22 Solar Beam 79 β€” Energy Powder A7 β€” Normal Box D6 β€” TM23 Iron Tail 7A β€” Energy Root FF β€” Nothing D7 β€” TM24 Dragon Breath B9 β€” Eon Mail 24 β€” Nugget D8 β€” TM25 Thunder 13 β€” Escape Rope 3A β€” Old Rod D9 β€” TM26 Earthquake 3F β€” Ether 3E β€” PP UP DA β€” TM27 Return 70 β€” EverStone 4E β€” Paralyze Cure Berry DB β€” TM28 Dig 39 β€” Exp.
Share 0D β€” Paralyze heal DC β€” TM28 Dig again A1 β€” Fast Ball B1 β€” Park Ball DD β€” TM29 Psychic 16 β€” Fire Stone 86 β€” Pass DE β€” TM30 Shadow Ball 9E β€” Flower Mail 6E β€” Pearl DF β€” TM31 Mud β€” Slap 77 β€” Focus Band 65 β€” Pink Savoir jouer au blackjack E0 β€” Double chart blackjack down Double Team 2E β€” Fresh Water 68 β€” Pink Bow E1 β€” TM33 Ice Punch A4 β€” Friend Ball 51 β€” Poison Barb E2 β€” TM34 Swagger 26 β€” Full Heal 4A β€” Poison Cure Berry E3 β€” TM35 Sleep Talk 0E β€” Check this out Restore 05 β€” Poke Ball E4 β€” TM36 Sludge Bomb AE β€” Gold Berry 25 β€” Poke Doll E5 β€” TM37 Sand Storm 4B β€” Gold Leaf AA β€” Polkadot Bow E6 β€” TM38 Fire Blast 3B β€” Good Rod B7 β€” Portrait Mail E7 β€” TM39 Swift A8 β€” Gorgeous Box 12 β€” Potion E8 β€” TM40 Defense Curl 04 β€” Great Ball 1B β€” Protein E9 β€” TM41 Thunder Punch 5D β€” Green Apricorn 49 β€” Quick Claw EA β€” TM42 Dream Eater 29 β€” Guard Spec.
E1D5 1st item type : 01??
E2D5 1st item quantity : 0163B9D5 01??
FED5 2nd item type : 01??
E3D5 2nd item quantity : 0163BBD5 01??
E4D5 3rd item quantity : 0163BDD5 01??
E5D5 4th item quantity : 0163BFD5 01??
E6D5 5th item quantity : 0163C1D5 01??
E7D5 6th item quantity : 0163C3D5 01??
E8D5 7th item quantity : 0163C5D5 01??
E9D5 8th item quantity : 0163C7D5 01??
EAD5 9th item quantity : 0163C9D5 01??
EBD5 10th item quantity : 0163CBD5 01??
ECD5 11th Position : 0163CDD5 01??
EDD5 12th item quantity : 0163CFD5 01??
EED5 13th item quantity : 0163D1D5 01??
EFD5 14th item type : 0163D3D5 01??
F0D5 15th item quantity : 0163D5D5 01??
F1D5 16th item quantity : 0163D7D5 01??
F2D5 17th item quantity : 0163D9D5 01??
F3D5 18th item quantity : 0163DBD5 01??
F4D5 19th item quantity : 0163DDD5 01??
F5D5 20th item quantity : 0163DFD5 01??
A0D5 TM36 Sludge Bomb quantity : 01??
A1D5 TM37 Sand Storm quantity : 01??
A2D5 TM38 Fire Blast quantity : 01??
A3D5 TM39 Swift quantity : 01??
A4D5 TM40 Defense Curl quantity : 01??
A5D5 TM41 Thunder Punch quantity : 01??
A6D5 TM42 Dream Eater quantity : 01??
A7D5 TM43 Detect quantity : 01??
A8D5 TM44 Rest quantity : 01??
A9D5 TM45 Attract : 01??
AAD5 TM46 Thief quantity : 01??
ABD5 TM47 Steel Wing quantity : 01??
ACD5 TM48 Fire Punch quantity : 01??
ADD5 TM49 Fury Cutter quantity : 01??
AED5 TM50 Nightmare quantity : 01??
AFD5 HM01 Cut quantity : 01??
B0D5 HM02 Fly quantity : 01??
B1D5 HM03 Surf quantity : 01??
B2D5 HM04 Strength quantity : 01??
B3D5 HM05 Flash quantity : read article />B4D5 HM06 Whirlpool quantity : 01??
B5D5 HM07 Waterfall quantity : 01??
B6D5 Buy any item at the POKEMART Slot 1 : 01??
EDCF Slot 2 : 01??
EECF Slot 3 : 01??
EFCF Slot 4 : 01??
F0CF Slot 5 : 01??
ACD1 0150ADD1 trainer : 01??
A2D1 rival : 01??
C5D1 0150C6D1 1st pokemon 2nd pokemon 3rd pokemon 4th pokemon 5th pokemon 6th pokemon Pokemon pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark 01??
CCDB 015096DB 0150A1DB 0150ACDB 0150B5DB 0150C2DB 0150CDDB 1st pokemon 2nd pokemon 3rd pokemon 4th pokemon 5th pokemon 6th pokemon Pokemon ID number : 01??
If you omit the terminator, strange results can happen.
HP modifier : 01??
Silver 07 β€” Vermilion City 11 β€” Union Cave 1B β€” SS Aqua 08 β€” Lavender Town 12 β€” Azalea Town 09 β€” Saffron City 13 β€” Cianwood City Fly to city modifier digits By name 12 β€” Azalea Town 0D β€” Indigo Plateau 1B β€” SS Aqua 19 β€” Blackthorn City 18 β€” Lake of Rage 09 β€” Saffron City 0A β€” Celadon City 08 β€” Lavender Town 11 β€” Union Cave 05 β€” Cerulean City 17 β€” Mahogany Town 07 β€” Vermilion City 0F β€” Cherrygrove City 1A β€” Mt.
Silver 10 β€” Violet City 13 β€” Cianwood City 06 β€” Near Power Plant 03 β€” Viridian City 0C β€” Cinnabar Island 0E β€” New Bark Town 01 β€” Viridian City 16 β€” Ecruteak City 15 β€” Olivine City 00 β€” Your House 0B β€” Fuchsia City 02 β€” Pallet Town 14 β€” Goldenrod City 04 β€” Pewter City Fly to city : 01??
Elm 05 β€” Jack: Schoolboy 06 source Beverly: Pokefan 07 β€” Huey: Sailor 0B β€” Gavin: Cooltrainer 0C β€” Beth: Cooltrainer 0D β€” Jose: Bird Keeper 0E β€” Reena: Cooltrainer 0F β€” Joey: Youngster 10 β€” Wade: Bug Catcher 11 β€” Ralph: Fisher 12 β€” Liz: Picnicker 13 β€” Anthony: Hiker 14 β€” Todd: Camper 15 β€” Gina: Picnicker 16 β€” Irwin: Juggler 17 β€” Arnie: Bug Catcher 18 β€” Alan: Schoolboy 1A β€” Dana: Lass 1B β€” Chad: Schoolboy 1C β€” Derek: Pokefan 1D β€” Chris: Fisher 1E β€” Brent: Pokemaniac 1F β€” Tiffany: Picnicker 20 β€” Vance: Bird Keeper 21 β€” Wilton: Fisher 22 β€” Kenji: Blackbelt pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark β€” Parry: Hiker 24 β€” Erin: Picnicker Phone number modifiers 1st slot : 01??
C6D9 2nd slot : 01??
C7D9 3rd slot : 01??
C8D9 4th slot : 01??
C9D9 5th slot : 01??
CAD9 6th slot : 01??
CBD9 7th slot : 01??
CCD9 8th slot : 01??
CDD9 9th slot : 01??
CED9 10th slot : 01??
Anyone ever notice that first person videogames don't blink? pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark

How To Get Pokerus In Pokemon

What is free daycare gameshark code for Pokemon flora sky - Answers Pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark

PokΓ©mon Crystal English GS Codes Pokemon crystal pokerus gameshark

Pokemon Crystal Version GameShark Cheat Codes For Nintendo Game Boy Color. 2nd Pokemon: Max Attack [Japan]. Crystal 91FFECDC 91FFEDDC
For Pokemon Crystal Version on the Game Boy Color, a GameFAQs message. and i'm wondering if there is a cheat to make it so that wild pokemon I find are as if. To make your second Pokemon have Pokerus: 010176DA
Action reply (some Gameshark) codes from pokemon emerald to Pokemon Red. Red and Blue should work with yellow and crystal if not comment.... Use this code to make ALL your Pokemon catch the Pokerus after a fight.


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