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As the flagship boat of the BlackJack line, the BlackJack 256 features a larger. to 14 rods – 7 in each forward sidebox; Wide flat gunwale top – step or sit usage.
According to Yamaha (which in my experience publishes performance reports that are dead on-target, without fail) the boat will hit 66.0 MPH with an F350 on the transom. Cruising speed is an eye-opening 48.2 MPH at 4500 RPM. At that speed, you're burning 17.6 GPH to get around 2.75 miles to the gallon.
The Boating Forum - Blackjack 256 - I made a post a few months ago asking if. Planning to get one with a t-top and want a 350 on the back, but most seem to. So speed is great and efficiency is good from what I was told.

BlackJack 256, Bay Boat, For Sale, International Marine Group of Tampa Bay

She'll easily reach speeds above 50mph with twin 300hp engines.. Years of combined experience from top engineers and craftsmen are built into.... FOR SERIOUS ANGLERS BlackJack 256.
Beautiful example of a turn key Hybird Bay/Offshore boat loaded with extras and expertly maintained. Some but not of all of the upgrades include: New.
Blackjack Boats Vs Pathfinder; 2017 BlackJack BlackJack 256.. the rigors of high-speed action Includes Spektrum™ 2.4Ghz DX2E marine radio. Affiliate Disclosure - Contact Us - Archive - Boat for Sale - Top Terms of Use.
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Issue 873 by The Florida Mariner - Issuu Blackjack 256 top speed


She'll easily reach speeds above 50mph with twin 300hp engines.. Years of combined experience from top engineers and craftsmen are built into.... FOR SERIOUS ANGLERS BlackJack 256.
6 months update on BlackJack 256 after the Glidecoat ceramic boat. Before beginning the Glidecoat Top Coating application the gloss meter ...
Dolphin Pro2 T Top W/ Black Canopy Fishing Boats, Boat Dock, Jon Boat. Used 2016 Blackjack 256, Sarasota, Fl - 34243 - Bay Boats. Open.

starburst-pokieAttention Required! | Cloudflare Blackjack 256 top speed

2018 Invincible Boats 42' Open Fisherman Base | VIP Boats & Yachts | Volente, TX Blackjack 256 top speed

Second-hand Blackjack 224 with 1x250 cv Yamaha engine, 6.60 m in length, and 2,46 m beam length. Second-hand. Blackjack 224. 1x250 cv Yamaha(Gasoline), cruising speed 30, max speed 52. Blackjack 2562017. Florida (United ...
Find Blackjack boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate Blackjack boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!
Explore Blackjack boats for sale. View this 2017 Blackjack 256 for sale at GSPS Marine, located in gulf shores, AL.

Blackjack 256 top speedcasinobonus

blackjack 256 top speed Response to my Prop School series has been gratifying.
It has generated a lot of good discussion online and off regarding propeller design, function and application.
One of the most common questions is about prop slip.
It is the most misunderstood of all propeller terms.
A wing moving through air produces a pressure differential: low pressure above the excellent blackjack strategy rules were, with high pressure below it, creates lift.
Propeller blades work like de blackjack sites on an airplane.
Wings carry the weight of the plane by providing lift; marine propeller blades provide thrust as they rotate through water.
If an airplane wing were symmetrical air moves across the top and bottom of the wing equallythe pressure from above and below the wing would be equal, resulting in zero lift.
The curvature of a wing reduces static pressure above the wing — the Bernoulli effect — so that the pressure below the wing is greater.
The net of these two forces pushes the wing upward.
With a positive angle of attack, even higher pressure below the wing creates still more lift.
Marine propeller blades need to move through water with an angle of attack to create thrust.
Similarly, marine propeller blades operating at a zero angle of attack produce nearly equal positive and negative pressures, resulting in zero thrust.
Blades operating with an angle of attack create a negative lower or pulling pressure on one side and a positive higher or pushing pressure on the opposite side.
The pressure difference, like the airplane wing, causes lift at right angles to the blade surface.
Lift can be divided into a thrust component in the direction of travel and a torque component in the opposite direction of prop rotation.
Prop Slip Slip is the difference between actual and theoretical travel through the water.
Similar to the airplane wing, some angle of attack is needed for a propeller blade to create thrust.
Our objective to achieve the most efficient angle of attack.
We do this by matching the propeller diameter and blade area to the engine horsepower and propeller shaft RPM.
Too much diameter and or blade area will reduce slip, but at a consequence of lower overall efficiency and performance.
Blade tip speed can be calculated using the following equation: Forward speed is shown by an arrow in the direction of travel.
The length of the arrows reflect speed in MPH for both the measured speed and the theoretical no slip forward speed.
The original Quicksilver prop slip slide rule calculator.
We Have an App for That Today, you can get all of your prop information with our Prop Slip Calculator App.
Download it for free from or.
The Mercury Racing Prop Slip Calculator App is available for free download from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.
I hope you have found my Prop Https:// blog series both educational and useful.
Back in the day that is how we did it.
It worked well and thanks for putting the tools out there to help customers to get a better understanding of how props work.
Way to go Scott!
Jeff, Cleavers in the past were typically a constant pitch.
Today, they are a positive progressive pitch.
Scott Hi Is there or what is the maximum speed at which a propeller can be rotated in the water before it starts to lose efficiency — presumably this varies with the diameter of the prop — so I am probably asking what is the maximum usable velocity of the tip of the prop??
Every hull has a different balance and water blackjack 256 top speed, we adjust our propeller designs accordinly.
Nick Scott, long time no see.
You helped me prop my 2015 Ranger with the Bravo XS and I have loved it from the beginning and have turned several other guys on to the Bravo and have cured set up nightmares.
Question…Will the Bravo set up work with the new 4stroke?
Dene, Great to hear!
Scott says hi as well.
With the new four stroke, you can migrate over to the Bravo I FS line, same design minus the extra vent holes.
The Fury could still be faster on top end with a light load but the Bravo will carry loads, as you have found out.
You are spot with pitch, there is generally a two inch pitch difference between the Racing Bravo family and the Fury family.
If you still have a 27 pitch Bravo I XS, you can plug the 4 forward vent holes and test it.
Having baseline data always helps with propping.
Nick Nick and Scott, Thanks a bunch.
Crunching the numbers I was pretty confident that there would be a Bravo fit.
And nice tip on the baseline, I will pass on the data FYI……….
See ya Mercury Enertia Eco im interested in this prop,im running a 26 tempest to 6100 at 74-75 mph on gps.
The Nitros have been performing very well with the Bravo, both top end and handling.
The fourth blade and 15.
The 8 vent holes on the Bravo I XS will help with planing performance.
Nick Hi, I am about to receive in one week new Quicksilver 875 sundeck with SINGLE Verado 300 V8 XXL.
QS 26,3 ft 8m hull length 9,8 ft 3m beam width 8500 lbs total weight boat+engine+gear+fuel+people on board… Mercury Verado 300xxl V8 max.
As I spoke to the local dealer, they are not sure which prop to use, as this is relatively new boat and new engine for them, and have no experience.
Later when I will see actual data it will be easier to upgrade — if needed.
Your advice will be of great help!
Best Regards, Ivica Ivica, Congrats on the new boat.
That is a pretty large boat for a single 300, if your gear ratio is 1.
That is based on source estimated 41-43 mph top speed.
Nick Hi Nick, thank you for answer, Gear ratio in fact is 1.
My goal is to have best fuel economy at cruising speed 23-28 mphand top speed 39+ mph.
Would you still consider REV 4 XP 16 Pitch as good choice, or?
Than you in advance.
BR Ivica What is main difference between REV 4 and REV4 XP?
I think REV 4 is only available in 15 and 17 pitch not 16?
BR Ivica Ivica, The 16 pitch will offer you great handling and top end speed will be about 40 mph with the 1.
We offer the Enertia ECO XP down to a 16.
If you are outside of the US, you may have an easier time getting your hands on the standard Mercury 15 pitch Revolution 4.
To answer your other question, we take the Revolution 4 and fine tune it at Mercury Racing, in doing so we are able to offer different pitches than standard so that we can dial in motors to their peak RPM range.
Nick Nick, thanx a lot.
It is much more clear now.
I will try with standard prop?
Mostly everybody offers 18 + pitch.
Any suggestion for dealer?
For your setup, the standard 15 pitch Revolution 4 should be a great starting point.
I have a 1175 Impact with a 2013 115 four stroke, it has the 2.
I am having trouble identifying the best prop for overall use with this boat and motor.
It currently has a 17P aluminum 3 blade at WOT it maxes out at 6100 RPM and 36 GPS measured MPH.
Looking for blackjack 256 top speed advice.
Jeff, You are doing pretty well with the current setup, but you can gain some performance from the Spitfire X7 in a 17 pitch.
The four blades will help keep the boat on plane at slower speeds and improve handling.
Currently running an Optimax 200 on a Recon 985 with a 22P Bravo 1 XS.
Motor height mounted with anti-cav plate 2.
When boat on plane and at speed, anti-cav plate is above water surface sort of skimming the surface.
Hole shot is outstanding.
I would like more top speed without losing hole shot.
Is there any benefit to adding RPM by tweaking things such as going to lower pitch prop or raising engine further?
Since the Bravo 1 XS is not offered lower than 22P, I would have to go to the FS prop.
Thanks for your time.
You do not need to be out near the rev limiter to be making peak power on that engine.
Nick Nick, At my current motor height putting the anti-cav plate above the water and skimming the surface, this results in the prop blades running just barely below the surface.
Is this ok, or do the prop blades need to be more submerged?
Jason Jason, It sounds like it is in the optimal position.
I am doing my calculations based on slip.
It is a tell tale sign that an engine is too high when the slip number starts to increase higher RPM without increasing speed.
You are at 14% slip which is awesome for a Bravo I XS setup.
Nick Nick or Scott, See below for my test results.
Thinking next try should be Bravo 1 LT in 20 pitch to achieve most efficient hole shot and mid-range fuel economy for the day long take offs associated with musky fishing.
Your thoughts greatly appreciated.
Boat 1 — 2017 Ranger blackjack 256 top speed FS, 225 Verado, kicker Tempest 21 — full of fuel, driver only, musky gear, empty livewells Cav to hull 2.
I think you are spot on with the 20 pitch Bravo I LT.
The longer, flared barrel will help with hole shot and carrying heavier loads.
Still in break-in with 4hrs.
Now running a 19 EcoEnertia.
Now that Eco like to be run deeper on the JP by 1 to 2 inches it seems than my B1FS props on prior boats.
As we know, it turns like a 2 inch stiffer prop — and thus the slip s range from 8 to 16% depending if you use the 19 or 21 in the slip calc tool.
That hull definitely likes all of the lift it is getting from the ECO.
Nick Just picked up a little Bayliner Vr5.
Topped out 48mph 4800 full of gas one passenger.
Nice cruising boat with a 17P Vengeance prop.
This might not be the place to ask but seems this is where the knowledge hangs out.
Brian, Sorry for the late response.
I think you are right on the money with the 17 pitch High Five.
It will be great for pulling skiers, those props have great forward thrust.
Please note that they not hook up as well in reverse as your three blade, it will take a little longer to stop the boat and get it going in reverse.
Nick Question on my center console: I am currently using standard Rev4 17P on the new 200HP Mercury 4 strokes 1.
At WOT, I am seeing 5800 RPMs Max for engine and 50 MPH verified on vessel view which is 1% slip.
Others with identical setup are running as much as 22P Bravo 1 and seeing 5500 RPMs and 57 MPH which is 8% slip.
So, what should I do???
Take on more slip for higher top end, faster cruise but lower RPMs, or, leave it alone and stick with what I got?
Brian, I am running a 2015 Ranger Z119C wih G1 E-TEC 225HO and 26P Raker HO.
Do you think I can achieve better results with a Bravo 1 XS or other prop?
I have had holeshot issues; had to open up the Raker HO holes a little more than factory to get results.
Thank you, Ken Ken, Consider the 27 pitch Bravo I XS, you can expect to gain 3 mph and hole shot will improve.
You can open up all eight vent holes.
Nick I have a 2005 Checkmate Pulsare 2100 w a 2005 promax 300x with a sportmaster 1.
I am trying to prop a 2019 Ranger 521L with the Mercury 250 pro xs4.
The boat has reacted quite differently than any boat previously owned.
I had a 23p Fury 3 blade on it running 5580 RPMs and had to bottom out the jack plate to hit 64.
We tried a 24p and it was much the same.
I am currently trying a Fury 4 25p that is allowing me to raise the jack plate and give some transom lift but I am only turning 5500RPMs at 68.
Your help would be greatly appreciated!!
Devin, Blackjack 256 top speed the 25 pitch Bravo I FS.
Hole shot will improve and you will be able to run the engine higher.
Expect RPM to raise to 5800-5900.
Top end gains will be small, maybe 1 mph over your 25 Fury.
If you are mostly concerned with top end, the Fury is hard to beat.
It appears that I have more slip at mid range speeds than I do top end.
Also, how do the number of blades effect slip, 3,4,5?
Max, It really depends on the application.
For most bass, bay boats, and runabouts the spread between cruising slip percentage and top end slip percentage should not be big.
In some cases a guy will have 35% slip at cruise and 18-20% at wide open, there are ways to address this is video rigged as changing props, moving weight around in the boat, etc.
The number of blades on a prop has become very important over the last few years because everything has gotten bigger- engines, boats, and gear cases.
Four and five blade props have taken the place of many three blade props because they offer more grip at higher engine heights, better boat control, and more lift.
Nick Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. blackjack 256 top speed blackjack 256 top speed blackjack 256 top speed blackjack 256 top speed blackjack 256 top speed blackjack 256 top speed

Sportsman Boats Masters 247 Bay Boat Action Video

Attention Required! | Cloudflare Blackjack 256 top speed

Blackjack Boats for sale Blackjack 256 top speed

[Archive] 70 mph blackjack Boating Talk.. when i was looking at buying a blackjack they had one with a 300 verado , he claimed 68-70 mph ...
2020 21' New Cobia 220 Center Console Center Console Fishing Boat For Sale - Charleston, South Carolina. See boat pictures, videos, and ...
The BlackJack 256 Coastal combines offshore and bay boat elements to give you a boat that lets you decide how you want to fish on any given day.


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